Standards Design, Review and Revision

A core element of any standards scheme is, of course, the scheme’s standard or set of standards. Getting a standard’s design and drafting right, so that the standard is easily understandable and effective in delivering on its objectives, is essential.

OneWorldStandards has been asked by multiple schemes across a wide range of sectors to advise on standard structure, to draft standards content, or to review and comment on standards before their finalisation or revision.

Clients have included the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), the IUCN Green List for Protected and Conserved Areas (GLPCA), the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), Water Stewardship Australia (WSA), the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Equitable Origin and others.

“I appreciated both Matthew’s technical know-how on standard system design and operation, and the way he was able to lead diverse groups with different interests and opinions through complex challenges to consensual solutions. I’ve yet to meet someone who understands standards and strategies for their development as well as Matthew.” – Nick Hepworth, Director of Water Witness International


“We wanted to thank you for contributing to this work through your review of the draft document. This process was very helpful for us and significantly increased the quality of the final version.” – Ainsley Butler, Diamond Development Initiative

  • What people say about us

    “The Alliance for Water Stewardship work was heavily guided by Matthew's initial reports and thinking. His breadth and depth of experience and his knowledge of ISEAL's standards and other standards is arguably as strong as anyone's on the planet and he can therefore bring learning from peer systems to bear.” – Alexis Morgan, Water Stewardship Specialist, WWF International